AN Magizine Cover 2008

2008 Degrees Guide cover, AN Magazine 2008

"GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART DEGREE SHOW 2008" By Jack Mottram, 16 June 2008
Degree Show review in The Herald and publiched on Jack Mottram's website.

"...Besides being a beautiful, meditative piece, it also makes use of the one sense that artists rarely seek to engage, smell - the scent is so thick you can almost taste it.

Thankfully, this is not yet the case with the work of Gary Bolam. He has sewn strips of desiccated ham together and hung them over a portable plug-hole, presented the liver of an unidentified animal on a rough-hewn plinth, and, in a curiously moving piece, placed a dead fly on a greasy slick of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. A video in which Bolam toys with another dead insect adds a dark note to the skewed humour..."

"Art reviews: Edinburgh College of Art and Glasgow School of Art Degree Shows" By Duncan Macmillan, 20 June 2008
Degree Show review in The Scotsman.

"...Maybe Samuel Fenn hasn't quite found it when he writes the comment on the wall "How I got my degree through clever titling and a sense of irony" – though I suppose his whole installation of retro-photographs and related matter displays his claim to a sense of irony. Tiago Andrade achieves a piece of genuine Surrealism with a mackerel hanging from a kind of sledge. I was assured the fish is changed from time to time, but then maybe, too, that diminishes impact. Equally unsavoury, but less imaginative, was a piece of raw offal put on a plinth by Gary Bolam...."


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